About Us
The Kambouris name has been synonymous
with the electrical retailing industry in Western
Australia since 1962. It began when the late
Allan Kambouris opened his first store Central
Sales in Milligan Street, Perth. Since that
historic moment the business has continued to
evolve culminating in the birth of the Kambo’s brand, which now proudly operates six stores across Western Australia.
Driven by an absolute commitment to customer service, Kambo’s have won multiple Western Australian Electrical Retailer of the Year awards and have even out
performed national retail chains to win multiple national Australian Electrical Retailer awards. Liebe + Haus now joins the Kambo’s Group of companies providing an
unrivalled level of service and range in the premium home appliance market.
As the largest West Australian owned and operated premium appliance retail brand Liebe + Haus is committed to providing an outstanding experience for West
Australian's who love their home.
The success and expansion of the Kambo’s
group is a testament to Kambo’s vision and
Commencing his career under the tutelage of
his late father Alan, Kambo has become a
respected and admired figure in the electrical
retail industry. Following his decision to join the NARTA group in 2011 Peter has since been invited to sit on four of NARTA’s buying committees.
Kambo has a genuine passion for cooking and beautiful gourmet experiences.
He is excited to help other West Australians share his passion through his
Liebe + Haus trade display.