German design and engineering has made NEFF a leading brand in Europe. The appliances feature a range of amazing and thoughtful technology developments designed to make the cooking experience truly exciting. One of NEFF's unique oven features is the ergonomic Slide&Hide(R) door which slides neatly under the oven, saving space in your kitchen and providing easy access to the inside of your appliance without losing the 71L cavity space.. The standout benefit of the Slide&Hide(R) door is the improved accessibility it provides for the end user, whilst having the oven door out of the way removes the potential safety hazard of an oven door that's left open at a 90 degree angle. Slide&Hide(R) is a feature that helps to maximise useable space for you and your kitchen. For extra comfort when opening the door and a smoother sliding operation, several models offer the NEFF self-retracting mechanism-similar to that found on quality kitchen cabinetry. Slide&Hide(R) is a pioneering fully-retracting door system that's one of many innovations from NEFF.

It's a feature that is safe, stylish and convenient. There's an expanded choice of different models in the NEFF Slide&Hide(R) oven collection which include an array of other exciting NEFF innovative technologies and systems. Visit: or call 1300 087 033 to see the range of Slide & Hide ovens and to book a free demonstration today.

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