Why Premium

The West Australian lifestyle is built around
enjoying life’s finer experiences.
From our wonderful fresh produce, exquisite
wines and love of great coffee.
Liebe + Haus is the inspired destination for West
Australians who love their home.
And as home to Europe’s most
exclusive brands you’ll discover
a range of products technologically
advanced and designed by master
The technical innovations you’ll find
in our products ensure your roasts
will be more evenly cooked, your
seafood more succulent and
your coffee like it should be.
Whether it’s a gourmet barbeque, a family
Sunday lunch or a dinner party for close friends,
the premium appliances from Liebe + Haus will
ensure the experience is a memorable one.


The innovations don’t stop in the kitchen.
Our range of premium laundry appliances
affords your clothes and linen the care and
delicacy they deserve. Ensuring they continue to
look as good as the day you purchased them.
It is the premium difference. Just as important
as their advancements in technology, our
premium European appliances are
designed to compliment your home
interior design. They feature
consistency in design lines and
color options to suit the most
diverse of interior designs and kitchen
furniture. This is the premium difference.
To discover this difference for yourself, visit
one of our trade displays, discover our working
displays and utilize the vast experience and
knowledge from our appliance specialists.